applied mindfulness

Mindfulness and lack of motivation?

Seems to me the natural result of reflecting on the cultural default to exhaustion and overwhelm.  Maybe less lack of motivation and more moment of sanity?  This mindfulness professional knows the value of the B game. Check out the article here.

Claim the Moment, Tame your Digital Device

Tame the digital beast: Scramble your screen!

Our devices hold out the false promise that there is something more important, more urgent, and more interesting than our present-moment experience.”  Check out the article here.

3 Simple Steps to Stop Mental Time Traveling

Pause.  Breathe.  Repeat.

How’s your breathing?  Check out this 3 step remedy for mental time travel is a perfect application of the Pause strategy: Notice, Shift, Rewire.  Notice the breath has become shallow. Shift into diaphragmatic breath.  Rewire your mind and body for greater self-awareness and present moment connection.