Therapeutic Application.  Education.  Client Service.

Therapeutic Application. Education. Client Service.

Mindful Support for Client Success

Suzanne readily partners with groups and individual professionals seeking to use intentional breath intervention practices to help their clients. Coaches, therapists and educators appreciate the simple learning reinforcement possible with The People’s Pause ToolKit, and the “Are you Breathing” approach to improved self-awareness and self-regulation.

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Are you a corporate yoga professional looking to broaden your professional reach? Contact Suzanne about sharing your pranayama expertise through the People’s Pause mindful breathing platform.

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Individual instruction

Make the practice your own with personal instruction.  Suzanne bridges the idea of mindful living with practical, actionable support. Connect in person or via video conferencing for a single session of skills instruction training, a full 8 week applied mindfulness series, or the “Triple Play” Package of Individual Instruction + the People’s Pause ToolKit + ToolKit Audio series!

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Workplace Training

Suzanne provides corporate mindfulness and emotional intelligence training for employee wellbeing and professional performance. Deep experience with a wide variety of audiences makes for powerful learning through keynote talks, targeted leadership development, team and individual contributor workshops and virtual practice sessions for distributed or remote employees.

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